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What is an Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor and what do they do?

An Ear Nose and Throat doctor has graduated from college then attended medical school for four additional years. Clinical training or "Residency" requires at least an added five years of extensive education. Otolaryngologists treat patients of all ages and often work closely with other medical professionals including Audiologists and Allergists. They most commonly deal with all aspects of Acute and Chronic respiratory illness. ENTs regularly manage infectious and nasal allergic issues, hearing loss, GERD, and Cancer of both the head and neck. They spend a great deal of their time in the office, but also operate on problems when it is needed. Procedures that may be familiar to you include: Tubes in the ears, Tonsillectomy, and Endoscopy of the Throat/Larynx and the Esophagus. Given new and evolving technology, Nasal and Sinus Surgery has become increasingly common.

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