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Allergy Assessment & Treatment

For many people, Allergic Nasal Disease is a daily discomfort and can be responsible for significant absence from school and/or work. The Paranasal Sinuses are lined by mucous membranes which can become inflamed when exposed to bacteria, viruses, dust, pollen, and miscellaneous airborne irritants. Both acute and chronic "sinusitis" are frequently influenced, if not triggered, by these reactive inhalants. Many over-the-counter products provide only short-term relief, are taken erroneously, or simply mask the underlying disease process. Our intent at Heindel ENT is to identify and define the "source" of an individual's disease. Allergy testing will sometimes be recommended and depending on those results, treatment will be suggested. Medications and Immunotherapy (Allergy Shots) are utilized separately and/or simultaneously depending upon one's need. Please inquire with our staff regarding this service. 

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