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Hearing and Balance

Our Auditory Apparatus, when properly functioning, allows us to hear normally and maintain our spacial orientation (balance). Hearing Loss, Dizziness (Vertigo), and Tinnitus are unfortunately regular problems affecting millions of people. Although far more common in our "Senior" population, Hearing loss can be disabling for patients of all ages. At Heindel ENT we diagnose and treat most conditions that disturb one's hearing and/or balance. In our office, the Medical Doctor and Audiologists work together to improve the patient's well being allowing them function capably with family, friends and their co-workers. We offer a wide variety of hearing aid options fit specifically for your individual needs.

Heindel ENT currently offers the following audiology services: 

  • Hearing or Audiometric Testing

  • Balance or Vestibular Testing   

  • Hearing Aids (partnered with the following manufacturers)

    • Oticon, Phonak, Resound, Signia, Starkey, Unitron, and Widex (sale, repair, and loss & damage claims)

    • Hansaton, Rexton, and Sonic (repair or loss & damage claims only)

  • Earmolds (including swim and musician's plugs)

Dr. Lyle Drake

Dr. Lyle Drake has been proud to serve the local Coweta and Fayette county area since 2014. Dr. Drake graduated magna cum laude with his Bachelor of Science in Communication Disorders before obtaining his doctorate in Audiology at Auburn University.

Dr. Drake and his wife Charlotte currently live in Smyrna. Outside the office, he enjoys cycling, surfing, and fishing.

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